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What we're about



The Irish Club in the heart of Adelaide city is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of the Club without whom it would be impossible to maintain the facility the Club provides.


Could you offer some time to the Club? The club is always looking for suitable people to help out with several types of roles, on regular and one-off occasions.  The bar also runs on a volunteer shift roster and we're always happy to welcome new volunteers to the bar team.


If you have time to offer please contact us on 08 82123767 or


Our Members and Our Heritage

Our members are the reason the Club is here. The Club was set up to provide a social hub for the Irish Australian community and to preserve and promote our Irish heritage. The Irish Club is affiliated with a number of groups that use the Clubrooms on a regular basis to further Irish language, culture, music and dance.


Our Board

Our Board is elected each year by the membership and can have up to 13 members. The Board meets once a month to discuss and decide on matters pertaining to the running of the Irish Australian Association. Our AGM is held once a year on the fourth Sunday in September. Contact
Currently on the Board are:-


 Board members:       
President:                         Jennifer Keogh       
Vice-President:               Vincent Sheehy       
Chairperson:                          Denis Carey       
Treasurer:                              Peter Clifton       
Secretary:             Annemarie Marchioro       
Membership Secretary:   Shirley Quinn       
Bar Manager:                    Frank O’Reilly
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