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SA Rose of Tralee Quest 2019


The Irish Club is proud to be affiliated with the South Australian Rose of Tralee Quest. This year nine young women have put themselves forward, each hoping to become the 2019 South Australian Rose of Tralee representative.  The winner was announced at the Rose of Tralee Ball, 8th June, 2019 @ The Upper Derby Pavillion, Morphetteville Racecourse.  Simone Hendrick-Buchanan was chose to represent South Australia, in Ireland, at the Rose of Tralee.


The Rose Quest:

The selection of the South Australian Rose is not based on looks or talent or who you know, it’s purely based on your ability to act as an ambassador and your pride in your Irish heritage and South Australia. Each year we look for someone warm, friendly, genuine and socially aware. All you have to do is be yourself! It’s a wonderful opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone, try something different and meet some new people.


For more information on the SA Rose Quest

please contact the Committee 

South Australian Rose of Tralee Committee
Email -

Facebook:  sa rose of tralee

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