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An Extract from the Advertiser dated the 14th July 1910

“AN IRISH PIPE BAND FOR ADELAIDE. Occasionally the sound of the Irish bagpipes has been heard in Adelaide, but until quite recently the sons of Erin in this State have not entered with any degree of enthusiasm into the question of establish-ing an Irish pipe band. Loyal Irishmen generally will, therefore, read with pleasure the news that a proposal made a short time ago for the organisation of a band of pipes has taken concrete form, and that the first instrument has arrived. Bv the end of July, or, at the latest, early in August, a company of about eight or ten musical Irishmen will be actively rehearsing for their first appearance. The Irish Pipers' Band of Adelaide has been formed. Mr. P. Healy is the president, Mr. P. O'Leary the vice-president, Mr. A. Hewitt the treasurer, and Mr. P E. O'Leary the hon. secretary. Mr. G. Cawthorne has obtained the first instrument, and it is now on View in his shop" Window in Rundle street. It is known as the Brian Boru Irish bagpipe, and in many respects resembles the Scotch instrument with which the public are familiar, but it has the advantage of possessing a complete chromatic scale, ranging from E natural to C sharp, or a third above and a third below the Scotch chanter. Consequently the Irish piper ran play almost any tune or a company can render duets, trios, or quartets. In addition to the pipes the band will include side drums and a bass drum. The balance of the" instruments will arrive shortly, and on the occasion of the next St. Patrick’s. Day Celebration citizens may expect 'to see the customary procession headed by an Irish pipers' band instead of the brass band which hitherto has led the march through the streets."


Currently - November 2019 In the 1950’s the band took on the Great Highland Bagpipes and performed at many events and by the 1970 was a large competitive band.


The current Band is led by Sam Somerset and it actively supports the major Irish events associated with the Adelaide Irish Club as well as the state’s pageants and memorial marches. 

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